Professor Dodman teaches the following courses at York:

AP/POR2600 6.0 Luso-Brazilian Cultures and Cinemas
This course presents a thematic overview of Luso-Brazilian Cultures and Cinema productions ranging from early civilization, nation building and colonialism to modern cultural diversity and emerging world powers.

AP/POR 3650 3.0 Cannibal Brazil
: Cultural Encounters in Literature and Film
This course presents cannibalism as a fundamental category in the understanding of Brazilian culture and identity.  The theme is explored from colonial times to present, especially the contributions of the Brazilian Modernist movement and New Cinema (Cinema Novo).

AP/POR 3600 / AP/HUMA3016 6.0 Aspects of Contemporary Portugal: Culture and Cinema

Through various literary works and films, this course explores the ideological, economic and social changes that occurred in Portugal following the April 1974 Carnation Revolution.

AP/POR 3640 3.0 The Culture and Literature of the Azores

This course presents the unique literary production in the Portuguese Atlantic islands of the Azores within its cultural context. The themes of identity, isolation and migration give students an understanding of this archipelago's distinct identity.

AP/POR 3800 / AP/HUMA 3617 3.0   Heroes, Marvels, Monsters and Beauties in Portuguese Literature
Introduces students to the literary representations of heroes, marvels, monsters and beauties in Portuguese literature. Analyses the nature and extent of these themes in different epochs and in relation to the country's historical, cultural, and ideological realities.

AP/POR4010 3.0 Language in Context: Portuguese in the GTA
This advanced Experiential Education language course engages students in a learning process blending theory and coursework with practical, hands-on, real-life experience. Students refine their language skills, especially those specific to professional environments. The experiential education component enables students to participate in a wide variety of community-based projects assigned by the community partner in consultation with the instructor.

AP/POR4620 3.0 From Camões to Pessoa
Through the 16th-century literature of Luis de Camões and the 20th-century literature of Fernando Pessoa, this course explores two high points in Portuguese literary development as well as the development of Portugal as a nation.

AP/POR4630 3.0 Mapping Brazilian Identity Through Fiction: History, Race and Gender
This course explores the literary works of Brazilian Northeast novelists with emphasis on Jorge Amado, Brazil’s best selling author.  Other writers include Graciliano Ramos and Rachel de Queiroz.  Several films and television series inspired by the northeast novelists are also considered.

AP/DLLL 1000 6.0 World Literatures in Perspective (Co-Taught)
This course examines literary works from around the globe that have had a major influence beyond their own time and place and explores how they take on new meanings as they move across linguistic, cultural and temporal borders. By examining literary works alongside such disciplines as linguistics, philosophy, history, art, cultural studies, theatre and film studies, the course pays attention to such topics as translation, cross-cultural contacts and exchange, and analyses processes by which concepts of 'national' and 'world' literature are constructed.