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Dr. Dodman’s island roots continue to be a major force behind both her scholarly and her creative endeavors.  Her creative writing pays homage to the Azores, her place of birth.  The islands are constructed as magical places that defy time and transcend the limits of imagination.  Dr. Dodman believes that fiction plays a vital role in the betterment of humanity by providing a medium for questioning and exposing injustice, while striving to motivate compassion and human values in an ever increasing disconnected world.

Her narratives reveal a preoccupation with oral narratives, immigrant issues, gender and social disparities as well as neglect towards the elderly.  She is currently writing a novel where she explores issues of immigration, of hyphenated identities, of cultural difference, and growing up between often incompatible cultures and beliefs.  Her works also appear in literary magazines.

Literary critics have praised her book AndarIlha.  Viagens de um hífen [Wanderer. Voyages of a Hyphen] published in 2016.  Vamberto Freitas has deemed her writing beautiful and assertive (for the full review in Portuguese, click here:

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